• CLIENT: Advanced Homes Utah
  • INDUSTRY: Real Estate

Whale Farm has taken our brand and created marketing ads for us in a way that we never could. This team is so creative and are wonderful to work with and we greatly appreciate what they have done to help grow our business. We highly recommend them.

 Advanced Homes Utah
Kathryn Watson

Director of Marketing

Increase in local reach
Landing pages created in 30 days
Increase in phone calls

Customer story

Advanced Homes is the residential arm of Advanced Solutions Group, a builder based in Kaysville, UT. They approached Whale Farm to promote a new townhome development via Instagram and Facebook.

Within 30 days Whale Farm had created 6 unique landing pages, dozens of creatives, and a comprehensive marketing plan targeted to their local market. These business assets have proved invaluable to Advanced Homes, as they now receive daily comments/likes/shares and phone calls regarding the property.


Advanced Homes wanted to promote their new home development but were stuck with an old website design, had only a few creative assets, and were unsure where to start with promoting this. They wanted someone who could manage everything from initial concept to promotional strategy to execution.


  • 5-point audience analysis and research identifying key selling points
  • 6 landing pages created
  • 28 local campaigns
  • 136 creatives testedPartnership Results

Partnership Results

  • 5X increase in local reach
  • 6 landing pages created in 30 days
  • 3X increase in phone calls