• CLIENT: Figgins Heating and Air
  • INDUSTRY: Local Advertising

Whale Farm has been great at setting up my website I highly recommend them to anyone.

 Figgins Heating and Air
Todd Figgins


Custom HTML pages
Social Media pages
3 Weeks
Time to Completion

Customer story

Figgins Heating and Air is an HVAC company in Northern Utah, specializing in heating, cooling, and air quality services.

Figgins approached Whale Farm when they started their business. They were looking to establish their online presence with a professional website, social media pages, and search results.

Within just 3 weeks, we were able to establish Figgins’ brand identity and positioning, create a 16-page fully-responsive HTML website, and create ad accounts that reliably generate leads.

Additionally, Whale Farm provided a content strategy that enables the Figgins team to stay relevant throughout the calendar year.


Figgins Heating and Air needed a professional website + social media pages, an advertising program, and to be ranked on the first page of local search results.


  • 16-page Fully-Responsive Website Created
  • 4 Local Search Campaigns Optimized
  • 3 Local Social Campaigns Created


  • 16 Five-Star Reviews Generated
  • First Page Search Results
  • Entire Online Business functional within 3 weeks