• CLIENT: Gnarwalls
  • INDUSTRY: Ecommerce

Whale Farm is hands down the best agency we’ve ever worked with. Our work together has gone from a one-off project to a longterm partnership that has grown our little sidehustle into a fullscale operation, with thousands of customers, a dedicated warehouse, new employees, and (so far) three years of steady growth. Beyond these results, I’ve also been really impressed with the professionalism and service level of the Whale Farm team.

Rich Whitemyer


Yearly Sales
Conversion Rate

Customer story

Gnarwalls is the only direct-to-consumer ski map producer officially licensed by 26 of the nation’s largest ski resorts. They make ski maps and ski decor using canvas or wood, and at a luxury price point.

When Gnarwalls approached Whale Farm, they needed help generating new business profitably. Previous ad agencies had left them skeptical about the effectiveness of Facebook ads for their products. We partnered with them to develop their brand positioning, promotional strategy, and advertising.

The result? Gnarwalls sold more in their first 10 days with Whale Farm than in the previous year, and they’ve been growing ever since.


Gnarwalls had been seeing marginal sales for their first two years, and had not found a way to advertise that was profitable enough to scale.


  • Promotional Strategy with 24 Seasonal & 4 Behavioral Touch Points Created
  • 20+ New Copies, Videos, and Image Ads created
  • 7 Email Sequences Developed
  • 2 Landing Pages Created
  • Campaigns Tested: FB/IG, Google, Programmatic

Partnership Results

  • 424% Increase in Traffic
  • 66% Increase Returning Customer Rate
  • 400% Total Increase in Sales
  • 30% Growth YoY
  • 25% Increase in AOV