• CLIENT: Memorial Kids Dentistry
  • INDUSTRY: Local Advertising

My experience with Whale Farm has been amazing. Jordan is very knowledgeable and hands-on with our online marketing needs. If you are a small business owner, definitely reach out to them.

 Memorial Kids Dentistry
Amir Davoody


Increase in web traffic
Local residents reached
Increase in web scheduling

Customer story

Memorial Kids Dentistry is a pediatric dentistry practice based in Houston, TX. Having seen firsthand how successful marketing his orthodontics practices was, founder Amir Davoody decided to test Whale Farm out with his brother’s pediatric practice.


Marketing pediatric dentistry can be tricky. Parents are loyal to practices they believe will provide a good experience for their children. While prioritizing this image, Memorial Kids wanted to also generate enough new business for the marketing to be profitable.


  • 40 audiences targeted
  • 156 creative variants tested
  • Multiple offers tested

Partnership Results

  • 149% increase in web traffic
  • 110k local residents reached
  • 20% increase in web scheduling