• CLIENT: WoodSnap
  • INDUSTRY: Ecommerce

We have been incredibly impressed by Jordan and the Whale Farm team! Their knowledge and expertise in Facebook advertising and how to target the right audience has proved more successful than any other advertising agency we have worked with in the past. If you are looking for a team that will work with you to get the most return on your advertising dollars, look no further!

Erin Pfeiffer Swinfard


Profitable Spend
Average Daily CTR
New Subscribers

Customer story

WoodSnap is a home goods company specializing in custom wood prints, wood decor, and artist prints. Along with their subsidiary brands, WoodSnap helps consumers upload their own photos to be printed on wood, and take pride in keeping this process 100% sustainable.

When WoodSnap approached Whale Farm, they had some experience with advertising agencies in the past, none of whom seemed able to generate profitable returns, or particularly concerned with their success.

Since working together, Whale Farm has established scalable, repeatable marketing processes for the WoodSnap brands. These enable both the WoodSnap and Whale Farm teams to operate together seamlessly over several promotional dates throughout the calendar year. This has meant (1) consistent results for WoodSnap, and (2) minimal input required from the WoodSnap management team.


WoodSnap simply wanted an agency that actually worked and had their best interests in mind. So that they could focus on other aspects of their business such as product development and partnerships.


  • 160+ Campaigns Created
  • 1,000+ Creatives Tested
  • Scalable, Repeatable Marketing Processes Created
  • 3 subsidiary brands successfully advertised

Campaign Results

  • 632% Increase in Profitable Spend
  • 2.82% Average Daily CTR
  • 2,000+ New Subscribers
  • 49% of New Sales Attributed to Email