Our Mission Is To Help You Grow

And to grow beyond what seems possible. For you to experience that moment when you refresh a dashboard and are stunned to see numbers 3X, 4X, or 5X greater than you’ve ever seen before.

We call these: “holy &%$” moments.

They remind you of why you started your business in the first place. Or, if you’re a director of marketing, why you chose to be in this industry: Marketing (holy &%$!) actually works.

I started Whale Farm to create these moments for as many people as possible, while there is still time. We have only two assumptions, and these have proven true again and again:

Jordan Kontol

Everyone knows this, so why aren’t they doing it? It can be very complex, and it’s difficult to find the right people.

That’s why we hire the best media buyers, account managers, and creatives, so you don’t have to. And why we bring millions of dollars of ad-spend experience to the table, so you don’t have to.

It also can be difficult partnering with an external agency, which is why we offer a performance-based, done-for-you service, with


No Long-Term Contracts


No Minimum Budgets


No Barriers To Exit

We’ve done this before, and if you’re the right company, we’re confident we can do it for you.

Read on if you’re ready to grow…

What We Do


Maximize Lifetime Value

Customer Loyalty is also a science. Treat your customers and they’ll buy again tomorrow.


Generate Prospects

1.47 Billion people use social media daily. Millions of these are perfect prospects for your business.


Increase Conversions

Profitable sales cures all. Online Sales is Math. Math and Art.

By The Numbers

These are the average results
for Whale Farm Clients.

Facebook ads are just one part of the puzzle. But when everything is in sync, this is what is possible. 

These are by no means rare results; thousands of brands are growing like this every year, completely on the back of Facebook ads.

Read on to see how we do this, and a specific companies we’ve worked with.

Brading Image

How We Do It


Your Brand is why people buy from you.

It’s also why they continue to buy from you, and why they refer others to buy from you. I’ve personally worked with 150+ brands, and my team have worked with hundreds more.

Though we are a performance-first agency, we know from experience that the greatest growth you’ll experience will come from months and years of establishing a brand with a defined,

loyal following.

Media Buying

Facebook ads operate within an auction

The auction has hundreds of variables. One way to win with Facebook ads is simply to have better people on the dials.

A media buyer is that person. They are like a day trader, trading attention. The more quickly they can interpret and act upon data,

the better your campaigns will perform, the better returns you’ll see.

We hire the best, and continually train with the best. As algorithms change, we stay ahead of the curve to ensure your media is being planned and bought as efficiently as possible.

Media Buying


Marketing = math + art.

The art is in knowing which creatives and which copy will resonate with your audience. We’ve tested thousands of images, carousels, videos, headlines, and copies. And this experience has given our creative team a knack for knowing what will work.

Whether you have an in-house creative team, or not, we can help you to produce the sort of content that will turn viewers into buyers.

And because we’ve already tested so much, you’ll spend far less testing for yourself.

Let's Work Together

Who We've Helped


From $120,00/yr
to $2.7 million

Brand X

+66% in sales
($1.3m; 1yr)


+ in Sales (30 days)


+ in sales (3months)

These are just the ones we can mention. More reviews can be found here. Any questions about these can be sent directly to our team. The point is: we’ve established a repeatable process, and it works. As an ecommerce-first agency, we also pride ourselves on streamlining the process for you as much as possible, so that you can focus on managing the business.

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