Our MissionIs Sustainable Growth

What Grow-able Brands Do:

(1) They make great products, and
(2) They create positive customer experiences.

Do these well, and everything else will follow.  This has been true for client brands, and it has been true for Whale Farm itself.  As a result, nearly 100% of our business comes through referrals.

We’re selective with who we work with. First, we select brands who meet the criteria above. Next, we make sure growth is actually possible, because (unlike a conventional agency), our product is not a specific service but the increase in sales itself.

Here is what we mean by that:


No Long-Term Contracts




Real Account Manager

Once you’ve been approved to work with Whale Farm, everything on your side is designed to be a simple as possible. We work on commission, essentially; initial terms are month-to-month; and you always have access to a dedicated account manager.

Read on to see how it works…

We don't just run ads. We help you:


Sell Better

First we will plan to increase average order value and return customer rate. This will include:
- Brand positioning
- Product/market fit
- Offer/sale strategy


Sell More

Next, we will find ways to improve conversion rate and traffic quality. This is of course ongoing.
This will include:
- Cross-channel paid ads strategy
- Creative and copy planning
- Ongoing in-house reporting


Sell to New Buyers

Your media buying team will find the most profitable new audiences for your brand.
This will include:
- FB audience analysis
- Keyword research
- Cross-channel advertising

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How We Do It


Your Brand is why people buy from you.

It’s also why they continue to buy from you, and why they refer others to buy from you. We’ve personally worked with 150+ brands.

Media Buying

Ads operate within an auction

The auction has hundreds of variables. One way to win with any auction is simply to have better people on the dials.

A media buyer is that person. They are like a day trader, trading attention. The more quickly they can interpret and act upon data, 
the better your campaigns will perform, the better returns you’ll see.

Media Buying


Marketing = math + art.

We’ve tested thousands of images, carousels, videos, headlines, and copies. And this experience has given our creative team a knack for knowing what will work.

Whether you have an in-house creative team, or not, we can help you to produce the sort of content that will turn viewers into buyers.

And because we’ve already tested so much, you’ll spend far less than testing for yourself.

Let's Work Together.


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